Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Framed Wedding Song

I did something kinda crafty!!! OK, so it barely fits the loosest definition of the word "crafty," but it's a start. I mean, I made it, right?
This was inspired (obviously) by a couple of different things I saw on Pinterest this week. Nothing was exactly what I was looking for, so I sort of just flew by the seat of my pants doing this. I think it turned out pretty cute :)


  1. Love this! Super cute, and the fonts are not overwhelming - tough to do!

  2. That is cool... and makes me want to watch Robin Hood. Too bad my wedding song is totally instrumental, because I think I could actually do this one. So many crafty things I just can't do. (I refuse to introduce myself to Pinterest because I get sucked into every time-suck the internet has to offer.)

  3. I am so, so not crafty. I was able to do this because it's basically a puzzle. I created shapes on a Word document until I found a pattern that looked good, then I just had to fit the fonts into the boxes. No color coordination, no patterns, no actual skill of any kind! Woot!