Saturday, January 21, 2012

New TV

Just after Thanksgiving (late November, for my non-US friends), my three year old son broke our TV.

He was having a fit over not being allowed to watch it, and threw a toy train at it.

Good call, kid. Now nobody can watch it.

Since it was a LCD panel, the screen looked fine... until you turned it on. And then, from the impact point was a spiraling black web. From that web, long lines of red and white extended all the way to the edges of the screen. The parts of the screen that were viewable would only show red and black. Awesome.

Since we're doing the law school thing, there wasn't a lot of money laying around to replace it. Plus, I thought it was a good punishment to go without TV for a while. We had to wait until spring financial aid came in and Super Bowl sales were going on.

And, I will admit, while we were TV-less, I thought of all those people I've read about on blogs and in magazines, those people I've talked to at church and homeschooling groups... You know the ones... the ones who say:

"Oh, our dog chewed the cable to our TV and we just kept putting it off and putting it off, and finally we looked around and realized that we just didn't miss the TV! We don't even want it anymore, so we got rid of it!"


"When we moved, the TV screen was damaged and we couldn't afford to replace it. Two months later, when the money came it, we didn't even want a TV anymore. We feel so great to be free of it altogether!"


"When Jim-Bob lost his job, we got rid of cable. After a few weeks, we realized there wasn't really anything we wanted to watch. And after a few more weeks, we stopped even turning it on. I don't miss it, and I don't even know where my TV is anymore."

I fantasized about how maybe we would be one of those TV-less families forever. They always talk about how quiet and peaceful their homes are...




I don't know if it's because we don't watch a lot of it, and I certainly never leave it on as "background noise," and we only use it strategically throughout the day, but I definitely miss it. I let the boys play in the morning on the Wii while I get ready, then they watch a movie while I fix dinner and straighten up all the stuff that they aren't big enough to do, and maybe (maybe) if they're really good, and clean up really fast after dinner, they can watch a TV episode from Netflix before bed.

And I really need those breaks. Mornings without the Wii to keep the kids busy while I shower? CHAOS. Messes made, stuff broken, crying children, angry mommy. Cooking dinner without a movie to keep them out of the kitchen? DOESN'T HAPPEN. Two year old digging in everything, touching hot/sharp/dangerous things, kids trying to "help" and dropping food all over the place.

No. I am not virtuous enough to be without a television.

Judge all you want.

We replaced our TV tonight, and I cannot tell you how excited I am for my shower tomorrow morning. It's going to be uninterrupted, and there will not be Cheezits smashed into my carpet when I get out.

It will be epic.


  1. Having recently spent four days playing Uno what seemed like non-stop with my niece, I can appreciate how blissful it must be to know that you'll have ten minutes to yourself to shower! I'm sure the kids will be just as thrilled as you are to have TV back in their lives!! :)

  2. This might peg me as a "bad mom," but I can honestly say that they are more badly behaved without it. They need that "rest" time in the late afternoon. They need the chance to sit and unwind without falling asleep.

  3. Jacqueline MortensenJanuary 21, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    I don't have cable... but I do have 3 tvs that stream movies from my computer or Netflix. I've been in tough times and thinking, maybe I should sell one... then I realized for as little as they get turned on, I would probably lose my mind if ONE of them was gone. It's a good separation when the 3 kids fight. OK, pick 1 show each, while I make dinner... Etc. Plus, the only time I watch TV is when I'm going to bed, and I deserve that comfort in my room, dang it.

  4. We don't have cable or an antenna either, so we just use netflix or DVDs, too. We've been making do with the iPad netflix app, but that is one very tiny screen for three boys to share, and it's too easy for the baby to just reach over and stop/rewind/mute the whole thing and make everybody mad. I am really not ashamed to say that I ned a tv in my house.