Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting to know the campaigners

I didn't post about this when it started, but I joined in the Platform Builders' Campaign for the first time ever. I read about it on Julia King's blog and then again on Morgan Shammy's. If both of them are doing it, I pretty much have to, right? It's basically a way for aspiring and up and coming writers to get to know one another and help build each other up and support one another.

As part of this Campaign, there are a bunch of games and challenges and blog hops and blog rings and such.

Today (actually yesterday, but I had... drama yesterday, so I'm doing it today) it's basically a big game of bloggy-tag. I answer questions, tag eleven new people and ask them new questions. If you're curious, I was tagged by Mischa Gericke and Sophie.

1. Do you believe in fate? I don't, actually. I believe that we have choices and our choices affect everything we do. More of a butterfly effect, I guess. 
2. How the heck do you write and have a life?
  I don't. No, really. I don't have a lot of time outside the house. 
3. If you were in a written story, which character trope would you most likely have followed?
  I'm not entirely sure what this question means... do you want to know who I would literally follow around? Or which stereotypical-element-of-a-story I would match up with naturally? I would follow the hero and I would probably be the one screaming. If that helps, at all. 
4. Sweet or Savory?
Savory. I've never had a big sweet tooth, except during my second pregnancy. #37pounds

5. What's your big dream? Duh. To win the super-duper-powerball-300-million lottery.  Isn't everybody's?

6. Fondest memory? Disneyland. Every time, every age, it's the best.

7. What's your biggest wish? (world peace does not count) Does the lottery thing not count here, either? Cuz... that.

8. Would you rather have an exciting life and be alone or find the great love of your life and live a relatively normal one? Normal and in love. It's what I've already chosen. I wouldn't give up that partnership for any level of excitement, ever.

9. Have you ever done something, only to realize a half a second later that you made a mistake? Of course. Have *you* ever tried to put on liquid eye liner?

10. Did you try to go back and fix it, or did you follow through? No way. You gotta scrub your face clean and start over.

11. Do you edit while writing or after the draft is done? Both. Minor edits along the way, then a big overhaul, and then more minor edits while drafting additional/replacement scenes. 

1.When did you start writing? Officially? About a year ago. But really, I've been that weirdo telling myself stories my whole life. Only... I didn't know it was weird. 

2. Who are your literary heroes? (/favourite authors) Not authors... so... characters, I guess? Lucy Pevensie. 

3. What is your favourite fictional character? Uh... Lucy Pevensie. (psst... I feel like I've been here before.)

4. What genre(s) do you write? My current WIP is basically a romantic comedy. However, I have several in the pipeline that are speculative fiction, and that's where I'd like to end up, eventually. 

5. What is your favourite book, tv show and film? Book: Harry Potter (yes, that counts as one book) TV Show: Friends, Gilmore Girls or 30 Rock (I cannot pick between them) Film: When Harry Met Sally...

6. What is your favourite place you've visited in the world? Disney. Always. 

7. What is your favourite music? Late nineties/early millennial pop-punk OR eighties-nineties country OR late seventies arena rock.  But pretty much anything with a guitar. 

8. Have you ever written fanfic?/Opinions on it? No. I pretty much think it's a waste of time. There is no sense in striving so hard to capture somebody else's magic: Find Your Own.

9. Where is your favourite place to write?
At my computer. 

10. Tea or Coffee? ugh. If you're referring to a morning beverage, I pick orange juice. If you're referring to a caffeinated pick-me-up... I don't really do that often, but I guess it would be a Pepsi. If you're referring to the beverage I have on hand whilst writing and relaxing, it's water. 

11. Have you ever taken part in NaNoWriMo?/ Opinions on it? Sort of. I signed up in 2010 and totally forgot. I signed up in 2011 and started, but got sidetracked by some fascinating research and only completed about 25,000 words. But I did learn some AMAZING things. Next year. Maybe. 

OK, here are the eleven questions I am asking: 
1. What was the greatest live music experience you've ever had? 
2. What was your worst date ever?
3. If money is no object, what would your dream vacation be?
4. Would you rather live in a crowded city or small town?
5. Would you be willing to murder one innocent person if you knew it would guarantee an end to all world hunger? 
6. When did you last cry in front of somebody (who is not your partner)?
7. Would you be willing to endure night terrors- every night- for the rest of your life if you were given vast personal wealth to use however you wish in exchange?
8. If you could choose the manner of your death- but not the timing- what would you choose?
9. Would you rather switch back to black and white TV with only five channels, or no internet?
10. If you could use a voodoo doll to hurt somebody, would you do it?
11. What if the voodoo doll was only able to annoy them tremendously (for example: causes pervasive itching of genitals while in public, causes slight ringing in ears at nighttime, etc), would you do it?

And the eleven campaigners I am tagging: 
Barbara of Barbara's Meanderings
Jennifer Fischetto 
Carrie of Where I Get Wordy 
Amber of AmberAfterGlow
Jeigh of Writer Brained
Jolene Stockman of Everything is Possible
Melodie at Forever Rewrighting
Cindy M Hogan 
Celesta Rimington
The Great, The Good and The Bad
Tyler and Susan of The Feather and The Rose

However, because I have awesome blogging buddies that are not participating in this campaign, and because I did not specifically ask writers-only questions, I want to tag a few more folks: 
Libby from Eisparklz
Kirsti from A Quick Succession of Busy Nothings
Nicole of Sweeney Says
Kim of Kim in a Trope
Jessica of Faith Permeating Life
Jia of Untypically Jia

And... now I'm all brain farty and can't think of any more people at the moment. However, if you want to do it, please do and post a link in the comments (if you want, I'll even edit the post to add your name to it... I'll totally do it.)


  1. thanks for the tag. This will be fun

  2. Thanks for tagging me, Gina. Very entertaining questions, lol. :)

  3. Wooohooo! Thank you for the tag :) I'm racing around saying "hi" to everyone, but when I do it, I'll totally come back and let you know! Oh, and hi!!! *races off*

  4. Thanks for the tag, Gina and for visiting my blog. I want my post to be up through the weekend so I will answer them and tag more people on the weekend. This looks like fun.

  5. Awesome answers. =) Liquid eyeliner...disaster waiting to happen.

  6. Thanks for the tag, Gina! I loved so many of your answers, especially your answer to when you started writing. I know the feeling well and it's rather frustrating at times, especially if you don't have a pen and paper to get the ideas out of your head, Gah!

  7. Thanks for the tag…my answers are here I had so much fun doing this!

  8. LOL! Gina you are TOO funny! I love your humor... it's subtle, but distinct. You are fabulous. Thanks for the mini shout out at the top too! How cool are you??? Who doesn't love Disney? If I could live on Mainstreet in Disneyland I would! Very fun to read more about you, girl. ;)

  9. Ok I haven't even finished reading this, but #9 slayed me, and then #10 made me laugh so hard I actually startled the dog. Awesome!

  10. Ok I meant the first #9 and 10, and these are seriously hard questions - can't wait!

  11. Morgan, I take that as very high praise, coming from you :)

    And, who WOULDN'T want to live in Disneyland?!?!?!?!

  12. It's a little embarrassing now, though, because my kids are getting older and when we're in the car, sometimes I'll start talking to myself and not realize it... and they're like, "Mom? Who are you talking to?"

    Uh... nobody.

  13. Oh that's brilliant!

    And although I completely understand your stance on fanfic, I have to admit that I often use it as a writing exercise. Almost like my catharsis, getting to play in someone elses world for a bit helps me hone my writing style without feeling like I'm bastardising my own characters and settings! Weird, I know.

  14. OK- That actually makes sense. I will concede that if you are using fanfic as a catharsis to cleanse your mental palette, it is acceptable.

    But most people are using it to talk about Clary and Jace making out more.

  15. Yes, this is unfortunately very true, which is why I don't really read it often

  16. Thanks for answering!! :) x

  17. Stopping by from the campaign!! Love the chance to get to know you.

  18. You have the best stories. I could see you successfully doing a David Sedaris type book with your stories. I would buy that for sure.

  19. Nice answers :D And Disney is a magical place to be!

  20. Thank you for the tag! I mixed mine up and completed them monster-montage-style (yours were definitely some of the trickiest / most fun to find images for! :)) Ooh, and I <3 Disneyland!!!