Monday, February 6, 2012


I am moving in a little less than six months. In some ways, that's a long time, but in others... not really.

I've moved a lot in the eight and a half years I've been married. I moved out of my parent's house and into a tiny apartment across town. Eight months later, we bought a house and moved. We stayed in that house for a little over two years before we decided to sell it and move to Texas (super long story, and this isn't the place for it). While that house was on the market, we lived with my sister-in-law (keeping a house realtor-ready with a one year old is a losing battle).

We finally moved to Texas, where we were in another tiny apartment waiting for the house in Scottsdale to sell. We were there for seven months before we decided to move back to Phoenix (another super long story, and this still isn't the place for it). In Phoenix, we lived in my parent's house while they were overseas. We were there for a year and a half before we moved across the country to Orlando for my husband to go to law school.

That's six homes in eight and a half years. And I'm getting ready to pack it all up again.

And in mentally preparing for this move, I've finally noticed a terrible pattern of behavior of mine. I find myself looking around and (basically) saying, "Forget it!"

Usually, I'm a fairly organized person. I have ginormous to-do lists: one for daily chores, one for weekly chores, one for monthly chores, one for a set of organizational chores that I do in a different room each week. With little kids, the house is never clean, but I do my best.


With a move on the horizon, I find myself mentally crossing things off the to-do list, because I figure it doesn't matter.

Fixing the wallpaper in the boys' room? Bah. I have to take it all down soon anyway.
Organizing my closet? Bah. It's all being separated into boxes shortly.
Scrub the carpets? Bah. I need to have them professionally steamed before we leave.
Touch up wall paint? Bah. It's gonna get dinged when we move furniture, I'll do it all when we are done.

You can see the danger in this line of thinking: My house will look like transient hoarders with a penchant for crayon-wall-art live here.

Is this extreme laziness? Or some new evolutionary stage of self-psyche-preservation?


  1. Good luck with the move and the mental preparation. Tough time, but some life choices lead to better things down the road! Again, good luck! ;)

  2. I don't see any of the things you listed as cleaning. Those are house maintenance items, and I sure wouldn't do any of them if I knew they would need to be redone in the next six months! It's just not efficient. :)

  3. It has nothing to do with laziness. My husband and I are finally purchasing our first house this year and while we're in the rental we've put some dings in the paint, scratched a few things, and dirtied up the floor. We look at it every day knowing we're going to have to get to it but we keep saying "We'll be moving this Summer so why not just wait to do it all then when everything is out and we won't have a chance to put MORE dings in the wall and have to do it all over again." (Sorry, run on sentence) So, no, it's not laziness. It's called we'll-do-it-when-this-house-is-empty syndrome.

  4. I can definitely relate to this. I lived in this many houses also in eight years of (first) marriage, husband in graduate school, etc. I rather liked moving when I was your age. New beginnings. I don't call you lazy. With small children...well, you know the story. And a husband in law school. Nothing is permanent yet.

  5. This commenting system confuses me. I'm trying another way ....

  6. Still didn't work. And I can't delete my previous comments. But I think this will work because first, I figured out the image, and now to post. I'm hope YOU are having a great day!

  7. Well, you certainly make me feel less crazy! Honestly, you have just validated my entire feeling on the subject.

  8. *sigh* I know...
    But, prior to law school, we were in a "permanent" place: good jobs, nice house... Then, well, the economy crumbled in 2007/2008, and all heck broke loose in our lives. I am very, very much looking forward to being permanent again!

    Maybe that's my problem... I just feel altogether too transient...? Hmmm...