Monday, February 27, 2012

Social Incompetence

I've found a new definition of "ironic."

Socially incompetent adults in a graduate course on how to teach children to be socially competent.

I spent the last thirty minutes of class wondering to myself "How in the world are you going to help kids be socially competent when you are, by far and away, the most socially awkward and unpleasant people ever." And really, that's saying something, because I've been introduced to people in the following way:

"This is Gina. You'll get used to her."

And that disclaimer is completely necessary, by the way.


  1. I think that introduction is totally flattering, AND should DEFINITELY be taken as a compliment ;-D

  2. My boss introduced to a group of building contractors one day as "This is Kelly, if you need a number for a guy she'll have it, she's been through all the men in the city"
    I had to walk away well and truly red in the face.

  3. I'll admit, at first I was insulted by it. But as time went by, I decided to just own it. And besides, they had been warned, so I didn't need to be so self-conscious ;)

  4. I would be so mad if my boss did that. That's one of those things that friends can get away with... but a boss? Nu-uh.

  5. Oh we SOOOOOOO need to hang out someday. And watch Gilmore Girls. Wearing sunscreen. While making snarky comments. (Did I miss anything?)

  6. If it was just us joking about I would've been alright, but in the situation we were in I was more horrified than anything.

    This post reminded me of the time I introduced myself as a lesbian though (still to this day I don't understand what came over me) which I think I must write about so thank you!