Saturday, March 3, 2012

I hate phones.

I hate. HATE. talking on the phone. I am awkward and weird and I just hate it. Today, the following happened to me:

Somebody called me. This person very, very rarely calls me. (Who am I kidding? Anybody who calls is somebody who "very rarely calls.")

This person left a message that said, "Hi, Gina. This is ________. Call me back. K. Bye."

I call this person back.

This person answers the phone and says, "I can't talk right now. Can I call you tomorrow?"


1) Don't leave me messages like that. I need to know what you need to talk to me about, or just text me if it's simple. Or email if its complicated. That way, I can just respond with whatever you need instead of calling you back, then hanging up, gathering whatever info you needed, and then calling you again.

2) Don't answer your phone if you can't talk.

3) I just feel like there is more annoying stuff about this situation, so I included a third bullet point.

But seriously- when do you think we can move to an all-texting or all-email society? Maybe with the occasional Skype call. I am awesome on Skype. Because you can see my face, and I do things like this:


  1. My favorite is when someone calls you and you miss the call but return it right away and they don't answer. Like wtf. Also I feel like changing my voice mail message to say something about just texting me instead.

  2. For REAL!!! What, did you call me, see that I didn't answer, and got so mad that you threw your phone down and ran away???

    And I would totally change my voicemail, but I don't think I know how. I've had the same message since the morning after I got married (you can hear me hesitate and giggle a little over my married name) and it's been with me through all billionty phones I've had since then. I am so. old.

  3. Hehe, this makes me laugh 'cause my daughter is phone-phobic, and I'm known (well it's not common knowledge until now) to look at the caller ID and not answer. I LOVED talking on the phone as a teenager. I remember being so excited to get an extension in my bedroom. That was a long time ago. Way before cells, texts, email and Skype. Skype scares the crap out of me 'cause I don't want people to see my face.
    Anyway, as much as I'm only a fan of talking to less than a handful of people on the phone (and I rarely do that), I have some friends who never answer their darn phone or read email. Not every conservation is doable through text. :)
    Whatever this person has to tell you, it can't be too important.

  4. p.marques_guerreiroMarch 3, 2012 at 11:23 AM

    Haha, yeah, I'm not much of a phone person either, I much prefer face to face contact. Or e-mail or msn. Phones... phones are odd *Sigh*

  5. p.marques_guerreiroMarch 3, 2012 at 11:38 AM

    p.s. I was also meant to be stopping by your blog for a different reason LOL, then I read your phone entry and forgot all about it! Just wanted to let you know that I've passed on some blog awards on to you :)

  6. I'm just like you. I'm so awkward on the phone. The people that normally call me like to be on the phone for hours and I just can't take that. My husband would be upset with your all-texting or all-email society because he hates text messaging. I'd much rather text you. An awkward silence while texting is nothing compared to that minute on the phone where you can't figure out what to say and all you hear is a semi Darth-Vader on the other line. Yea, I agree with you.

  7. Cosigned. Text, email, and face to face only. I'm on the phone all day for work, and at the end of the day, I do not want to talk on the phone to anyone, except maybe my brother. However, I love my phone for all the non-phone parts. I don't even use my computer because my phone is faster.

    1. I've decided to stop calling it a "phone" and refer to it as my "texter" or go back to the old days and call it a "mobile-" of course, short of "mobile home computer system"

  8. I too fail to understand how people can phone you and then not answer when you phone back literally two seconds later. It's especially annoying when you hate phones, because you have to psych yourself up to making the phone call in the first place. Basically, text messaging and email has saved me from being a total hermit. It's also a ton cheaper than making international phone calls to all my friends who don't live in Australia!!

    I think my most loathed thing about phones is when people listen to the entirety of your voicemail message, and then hang up without leaving one. So you have to call your voicemail to hear the message, and then it's just "beep beep beep beep". Uh, thanks. That just cost me 50c...

  9. Luckily here voicemail calls are always free, but that would tick me off to no end!!!

  10. I spoke with somebody a couple weeks ago who claimed to be "awkward on the phone" just like me. Yeah... she talked for two hours straight without taking a pause. I appreciated the information, and I would have gladly listened to her for another two hours, but... if that's awkward, then I'm on another planet of awkwardness. Or in another galaxy, maybe.

  11. Yes! I rule at face-to-face. I think I'm just too expressive for phones. Too much of my communication is in my face or my body language, so the phone just makes me look dumb.

  12. I totally screen my calls, too, don't even sweat it. I do this a lot:

    *check screen* Meh.
    Husband: Aren't you going to answer it.
    Me: No. It's ________, I know what she wants.
    Husband: So why don't you just talk to her.
    Me: She'll leave a message.
    *message beeps*
    *deletes message after hearing five seconds*
    Husband: Why did you delete that?
    Me: Told you. I know what she wanted, and she said it in five seconds. The rest was rambling.

  13. I have to admit that as a child of the 90's, the phone is kind of my thing….although I do love Facetime! There is nothing like talking to someone face to face, unless you totally have bed head and your makeup is smeared everywhere.

    Oh and by the way, I have just bestowed upon you this awe inspiring award at ;)

  14. I completely agree. With the exception of my family and maybe a couple close friends, I would prefer to communicate solely by email and text. And even family and friends, I only answer if I'm wanting to chat. If it is for information giving (meet ups, questions, etc) I prefer texting. I text my husband twice as often as I call him.

  15. I hate phones, too! HATE. And my husband's family wants us to be on Skype, and all I could think was - Mike and I roll our eyes at each other WAY too often while we're talking to you for us to be able to Skype with you...

  16. I love absolutely everything about this comment.

  17. I'm the same way with my hubby :) Texting has saved my social life.

  18. I remember, as a teen, feeling like I HAD to talk on the phone a lot. But even then, I kinda hated it. And during college, as the world was falling in love with cell phones, all my friends were like, "I use 5000 minutes a month" and I checked my statement... 800. Tops. I was so, so relieved when texting was a) invented and b) became part of my plan for a flat fee.

  19. I hate hate talking on the phone too....even worse when I'm the one making the call. It was a very happy day for me when they implemented online pizza ordering =)