Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reading Habits

I stole borrowed this from Julia King's blog, Writing Jewels. Can you borrow something in the blogosphere? I can't really return it? Anyway. Julia would be cool with me borrowing this. I know it.

If you could live in a fictional world, where would that be?

Oddly enough, I find this the hardest question on this list. Every fictional world I can think of has its own (major) drawbacks. But, in the end, I think I need to go with Narnia. The Golden Age, of course.

Do you read in noisy or quiet places?

Both. I read while my kids are playing together- so that's noisy. But I also read in bed before I go to sleep- so that's quiet. Different kinds of books, usually.

What was the first book you ever read?

Probably Green Eggs and Ham or something like that. However, since I think this question is digging at "what book did you first love?" I'm going to have to answer with the quintessential 90s girl answer: The Babysitters Club series. I devoured those books. I got grounded from reading because I spent too much time reading those books.

Yes. I'm serious.

If you could only read one book for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Harry Potter.  YesTheyAllCountAsOneBookDon'tTellMeTheyDon't!!!

Though, I have to say that Julia mentioned that she set religion aside for this answer, and I am doing the same. I am also currently reading her answer to this question: Atlas Shrugged. It is wonderful. Long. But Wonderful.

Favorite Author?

Rowling. Though the following authors have earned a spot on my buy-everything-they-write-list:

JK Rowling
Terry Goodkind
Stephenie Meyer
Melanie Jacobson

Do reviews influence your choices of reads?

Sometimes. In my years as an interviewing hiring/firing kind of manager, I learned to read between the lines and see what people are really saying. So, with certain people, I trust their reviews. But, mostly I find reviews fall into two camps: "I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!!!!" and "I summarize all the books."

Fiction or Non-fiction?

75% Fiction, 25% Non-Fiction. Even excluding school books, I still read a fair amount of non-fiction. This is how I feel confident in making some of the wacky decisions I do regarding politics, homeschooling, parenting, etc. I educate myself.  

Have you ever met your favorite author?

No. I can't even say that I've ever even met a real author :(

Audio books or Paperback?

Books. Not audiobooks. I don't know how people can focus on and get immersed in a story when it's just playing in the background.  

Classic or Modern Novels?

Both. More modern than classics, admittedly, but I do make sure that I read a classic every now and then, too.

Book groups or Solitary Reading?

Every book club I've ever been in, including the one I'm in now, is basically an excuse to get out of the house and socialize for three hours during the week. Sometimes we get around to actually talking about the book, but usually not. So, while I love the idea of a book club (a real one) where I can discuss what I liked and disliked about a particular book, I have to admit that I'm mostly a solitary reader.

Don't get me wrong, "book club" is the highlight of my month, even when we don't get around to the books. But, if it's that much fun NOW, imagine how much fun it could be if we talked about books all the time?!?!?!

If you could invite three dead authors to a dinner for four, whom would you invite?

I honestly can't think of anybody (who is dead) that I'd like to talk to more than C.S. Lewis. Tolkien, maybe. But I get the feeling he'd be a little too over-the-top-fantasy-weirdo-guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Now, what are your reading habits?

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