Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lists of Ideas

You ever read those blog posts that are just lists full of AMAZING ideas?

I'm sure you know which ones I'm talking about:

57 Ways to Save Money!
23 Ways to Save Money at Disneyland!
46 Great Ideas to Make Road Trips Easier!
103 Ways to Make Moving a Snap!
400 Ways to Show Your Kids You Love Them!

I always click on them, thinking, "Yes! I so need to know this!"

So, I read. And I read. And I read. And I think, "Huh. I already do all of this."

Admittedly, my budget has been super-small since we are nearing the end of grad-school days. You want to know the best way to Not Spend Money? Have No Money. It's pretty easy. So, maybe my perspective on budgeting is a little skewed.

But what about the other stuff?

For instance, I saw a blog post all about How to Make Road Tripping with Kids Easy. Since I am going to be driving 39 hours across the country with my three little ones in a few weeks, I thought this sounded like a good use of my time. Her tips? Have a portable device for them to watch movies. Have snacks on hand, preferably in a box or cooler. Stop every once in awhile to let them run around, maybe at a playplace or a playground.

Well. Gee. When you put it that way...


I don't mean to be all superior and obnoxious and stuff... (hey, stop laughing!) but, isn't this really common sense?

I'm really not sure if I'm brilliant to already be doing this stuff (doubtful) or if the bloggers in question are just putting numbers in front of a bunch of stuff that is common knowledge (likely, and lame).

Seen any good tips lately?


  1. I see this all the time with blog posts, where the blogger says a bunch of things I think are really obvious and then in the comments there's 100 people going, "OMG this is so helpful thank you!!" It always makes me wonder if I should just start writing things I think are obvious because maybe they'll help someone. But thankfully I have really intelligent readers who hold me to a higher standard of writing than that :)

  2. You and I should start the "Blog of Common Sense" and just make lists about how to save money (don't spend as much) and how to be good at your job (show up) and how to be a great writer (use Microsoft Word).

  3. You would think it's common sense but it seems that people are lacking in that department these days.

  4. THIS. I saw a list of blog tips recently that included something like "write what you know". And I was all "Well, darn. There goes my plan to write about brain surgery and rocket science..." But again, it had a millionty comments. Apparently common sense is no longer common...

  5. This is probably also common sense, but when we used to drive from Toronto to Montreal when I was a kid, my mum always used to give my brother and I a cookie tray each. Said cookie tray would give us a flat surface for things like colouring in, and the edge of the cookie tray would stop the crayons/coloured pencils from ending up on the floor of the car and the inevitable "MOOOOOOOOMMY, I DROPPED MY CRAYON!!" ridiculousness.

    On any roadtrip, we would also stop at EVERY. HISTORIC. MARKER. on the trip, and if we could correctly answer reading comprehension questions about them in the car 10 minutes later, we'd be rewarded with a jelly bean for each correct answer. I'm not sure if kids + sugar high + car is a good idea, but it certainly made us interested in history. So...there's that!

  6. Now, THIS is actually a great, creative idea. I've seen store-bought plastic versions of this, but they cost a billionty dollars (approximate, of course). This is a way better idea, and something I've never heard of before.

    Oh. I am referring to the cookie sheet thing. Not the historical marker thing. I think I would kill an infant if I had to manage that with three preschoolers.

  7. This reminds me of the millions of 20sb threads that all talk about the same five topics:
    1. What do you blog about?
    2. How do you get more traffic?
    3. What are your pet peeves on blogs?
    4. What is the purpose of your blog? (Subtitle: Do you want to be famous or do you want to be a hipster?)
    5. Something having to do with your sex life.

    Again, millionty comments. Common sense. Repeat every thirty days.

  8. In honor of you, I posted a list on my blog today. It is short and definitely common sense, but since the internet is free why not. Also, if you've never watched "The IT Crowd," you should. Hilarious.

  9. I will definitely watch it :)

    And I like your list of common sense, it's sweet!