Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oops. Is my nerdiness showing?

I spoke on the phone with an old friend recently. You might know that this is a big deal, because I hate phones. That means I must really love talking to this person if I can handle talking to her on the phone.

We have known each other for more than ten years, but haven't seen each other regularly in three (I've been living on the other side of the country).

During the course of the conversation, we talked a bit about how it annoys us when people are super late for important things (weddings), and we discussed how there are some events for which it is acceptable to be not-punctual (birthday parties). I, of course, said the following:

"Sometimes, I plan to show up late, just so I'm not all awkward-early for a party or something. I'm like a wizard, you know? I always arrive precisely when I mean to."

My friend had no clue what I was talking about, so I told her, "It's from Lord of the Rings. Gandalf says, 'A wizard is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to.' That's me."

And she laughs and says, "I cannot believe you just quoted Lord of the Rings!!!"


I guess I let my nerd-flag fly a little high that day, guys.

Has this ever happened to you? Please tell me I'm not the only one to let my too-cool-for-school exterior slip.


  1. 1. I got my phone bill the other day. Last month, I sent 1,150 text messages, and made 12 minutes worth of phone calls. And 90 seconds of that was to my voicemail. I'm SUPER impressed that you spoke to someone on the phone!
    2. I have had so many of these moments it's not even funny. The very memorable one was when I was talking to someone at the museum about one of my objects - a death mask of some dude. They were all "Oh, so it's like Ned Kelly's death mask, right?", and I went "Well, no. Ned Kelly's is of his entire head. This is just the face, so it's more like Han Solo trapped in carbonite." Cue awkward silence...
    3. Arriving awkward-early is the WORST.

  2. Don't worry. I did that too. Sometimes, showing your nerdiness can be cool too. Because no one ever does that, and let's face it, schoosl nowadays love to promote individualism.

  3. If being nerdy and quoting nerdy things is wrong, I don't ever want to be right. The other day I was talking to a co-worker in the hallway and I made a really lame literary joke and laughed really loudly and high fived. The kids looked at us weirdly. Story of my life.

  4. I love it! I quote Star Wars at all the wrong times. Birthday parties, first dates, a funeral. I can't help it. There are just so many great quotes from those movies!

  5. I think the key is to not tell people what you're quoting. If I had left my quote as it was, but not told her it was LotR, I think it would have been fine. As with your Star Wars quotes: say something that is relevant, just don't tell anybody it was Lando who said it first.

  6. I don't think I could contain the nerdiness around kids. I would just relish in the fact that 90% of what I say goes over their heads.

  7. 1. a) That's a lot of texting. b) She's a phone talker. But still... I'm proud of me, too.
    2. Who doesn't love a carbonite reference?
    3. YES! As if I didn't have enough to try to overcome as it is, I don't have to set the stage before the party even starts.

  8. My husband is definitely not the typical nerd - he's more of a closet nerd, but I've dropped a star trek reference more than once, and was then

  9. I am writing my dissertation on 18th century French novels at the minute - not many things are nerdier than quoting Jean-Jacques Rousseau all the time - or wanting too. On top of it all, I am a repressed nerd!