Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pain Meds

A few weeks ago, I posted about the horrendous side effects I was experiencing with my pain meds. Since then, I've had my gall bladder removed, and am now on a different set of meds (thank my wonderful husband for remembering to tell the surgeon about those side effects so I could get a different prescription!)

This new medicine comes with its own side effects, of course. However, instead of paranoia, insomnia and hallucinations, these meds make me a little silly.

Luckily, they also make me sleepy. Which means I have really silly dreams. For instance:

- I am walking down the street in a 1940's sailor girl outfit, drinking vinegar from a bottle with a twisty straw.

- I spend a good amount of time arguing with Alec Baldwin about whether or not the word "Auntie" starts with the letter "M" (turns out, he's right- it does not start with "M"... who knew?)

- I adopt a pair of baby polar bears. The reason for this should be obvious. They have perfectly white coats, which I successfully tie-dye.

- I invent a new color. It is awesome. Sadly, I cannot prove it to you, because I am the only one who can see it.

- I sit Clary and Jace (of Mortal Instruments fame) down and give them a serious talking to. Actually, this one isn't so silly, but it is ridiculous, because everybody knows that those two will never listen to reason.

- I watch the State of the Union address, and in it, President Obama sings "Be Prepared" from the Lion King, and sounds a whole lot better than Jeremy Irons did. No hyenas were present, sadly, but he was accompanied by several African tribesmen in authentic garb and headdresses.

If I had to pick one set of side effects over the other, I choose the silly dreams. Plus, I'm on these meds for at least four more days, so who knows what else I will come up with! Have you ever had awesomely silly dreams? Or awesome side effects from pain meds? Do share!


  1. Arguing with Alec Baldwin? Epic!

    I, sadly, (or not so sadly whichever way you see it) have not taken any sort of medication that gave me any sort of side effects. Unless you count the liquid tylenol they gave me while experiencing my first kidney stone and me thinking that hitting myself in the gut repeatedly was the best way to describe that I wasn't in pain anymore because the stone had passed.

  2. President Obama singing Be Prepared almost made me spit out my cherry coke zero. That sounds fabulous. LOL.

  3. Wow those side effects sound pretty fun really - but sucky for the reason you have to take them in the first place. Hope you recover quickly.
    As for my own pain meds story, I dislocated my knee and was given this anaesthetic that didn't knock me out, but just distracted me from the pain while I was taken to hospital and awaited have my knee put back in. It made me decide that singing the oompa loompa song from the willy wonka movie (the Gene Wilder one) at the top of my lungs was an awesome idea. This happened over 10 years ago, but my sister who was there still won't let me forget it!

  4. I've had more than my share of whacked out dreams (the most insane was when a T rex was rampaging around Canberra eating rednecks, and it had pet animatronic velociraptors that acted like sheepdogs. The best was the one a few weeks ago where I was ruffling David Tennant's hair for no apparent reason other than that he has spectacular hair that needs to be ruffled!), but none quite as spectacularly brilliant as Barack Obama singing "Be Prepared".

    (Incidentally, I'm now sad because The Lion King was on TV here a few weeks ago and I recorded it on the DVR, but the file is corrupted and won't play *cries forever*)

  5. Hilarious. My husband occasionally pops a Xanax before bed, and he has THE WEIRDEST DREAMS when on those things. Kills me. When I'm on pain meds I feel like I'm always dreaming, but never actually asleep... and yes - VERY weird dreams... Hope you recover fast!

  6. Well I do sometimes have silly dreams (without taking any meds), but nothing can beat Obama singing 'Be Prepared' - that is simply amazing!

  7. I dreamed I delivered a baby girl. A little strange since I'm not a doctor or a nurse. And then I helped the baby girl deliver a fish. The oddest part is that I knew that this was bizarre and not right even in my dream.

  8. Your dreams are awesome! Yep, those are much better side effects. I am a bit jealous of your subconscious's ability to hear Obama singing "Be Prepared."