Saturday, April 28, 2012

This is what "old" feels like.

Guys. I'm gonna be 30 this year. Which really isn't that old, and I've never thought I would freak out about turning 30. I still don't think it's a big deal (yes, it's seven months away, but still, I'm not worried).

But, I think it might be time to admit that I'm old.

I've collected a couple of anecdotes that prove my oldness.

First, I was talking to a girl at church. This "girl" is an adult, by all definitions of the word. She doesn't know who David Spade is. She's never seen Tommy Boy, though she did ask, "Is he the big fat guy?" when I mentioned Chris Farley. So there's that.

But the clincher? The way I really know I'm old?

My babysitter doesn't know that Gwen Stefani used to be in a band. 

So, how did you know you were old?


  1. Turning 30, for me, was liberating. Most of my friends are older, so I felt almost immature being one of the last people "in my 20s". Naturally, all kinds of wisdom came immediately when I turned 30.

    Now that I'm closer to 40? A little less excited about the next milestone.

  2. Honestly, I think not knowing who David Spade is probably classifies as a good thing... Although he was pretty great in Just Shoot Me! Anyway, I've been having this problem for years. The first sign that I was old was when I said something about the little jingle they used at the Barcelona Olympics (I don't know about the US, but here they played it every time they cut to an ad break), and my housemate at the time went "Oh. I don't remember that. I think I was four?"

    And then in class a few weeks ago, we were talking about copyright and whether, as a teacher, you can record something off TV and show it to your class. This kid went "Well, you must be able to, because I can remember watching footage of 9/11 in Grade 6!" I had this moment of "I WAS AT UNIVERSITY IN 2001 PLEASE GET OUT OF MY MASTERS PROGRAM YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY BE OLD ENOUGH TO BE HERE ARGH ARGH ARGH."

    So yeah. I feel your pain.

  3. Ugh, I totally feel old.

    My moment came last year when my oldest niece turned thirteen. One year away from the age that I was when she was born. When I was in the hospital, waiting for her to be born. Now she's growing up, posting pictures on Facebook (which make me realise how grown up she is - no more Hello Kitty for this fashionista apparently). And then while telling my husband about how I felt old because of her age, he said, "Thirteen isn't that bad," And then I said, "She'll be fourteen years old next year. We met when we were fourteen honey," and he freaked out and said, "Oh my gosh! Do you know what fourteen year old boys think about? Do you know what I used to think about you when we were that age?!"

    And suddenly, we were the old people looking at teenagers saying, "That's inappropriate behavior, where are your parents?" My husband has even actually said, "Punk kids," when referencing teenagers.

    Yup. Old.

  4. My husband and I were sitting in a sandwich shop today and we had The Boy with us. On the radio comes Don't Speak by No Doubt. He had no clue who it was, or that Gwen Stefani used to be the lead singer. He doesn't know who Val Kilmer is. He learned about the OK City bombing in History and was 7 yrs old when 9/11 happened.

    I know how you feel though. I turned 30 last year. It's surprisingly not as hard as you may think. I'm actually relieved to be out of my 20's. I feel like people might actually take me seriously now.

  5. See, I am a big, giant fan of 90s SNL, so not knowing who David Spade is puts a pain right through my chest like somebody punched me.

    And, yes, in my Master's class, one of the girls was wearing her High School Senior T-shirt. she graduated high school in 2007. I was pregnant with my second kid and was an Assistant Vice President at a bank in 2007. So, yeah. There's an age difference...

  6. I have definitely had the conversation with my husband about how "if those damn kids don't turn that music off by midnight, I am calling the cops!"

  7. I am a blonde with DD breasts... I don't think I will ever be taken seriously. And I look really old, and people thought I was 30 when I was 23, so I have no hopes of being treated any differently. I just have to come to terms with this on my own.

    And seriously, OKC bombing in history class? Man. Next thing, they'll be teaching about Columbine in history classes.

  8. We don't get Saturday Night Live here, so when (not if!) you come and visit me, don't be shocked by all the people who don't know who various SNL cast members are!! ;) There's a girl in my Masters class who finished high school in 2007 and started her undergrad in 2008. I just sit there thinking "By 2008, I'd done an Honours degree, published a journal article, been on three big overseas trips, worked at the one company for five years, AND started a postgrad degree. GET OUT, YOU FOETUS!!"

  9. Ah, yes. If you don't know SNL, then you really can't appreciate the artist known as David Spade.