Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's happening

I don't have enough coherent thought to put together a post that's any more interesting than this:

- I can't exercise for four more weeks. No yoga, no pilates, no lifting weights. I can walk, so long as I don't exert myself. Since I was cleared to return to a normal diet, this is going to be bad. I can now eat fat (for the first time in seven months) but can't exercise. How much non-exerting walking do you think it would take to burn off a Chipotle burrito with guacamole...? A lot?

- My house is 80% packed. I had to decide TODAY what I am going to wear to my husband's graduation this Saturday, church on Mother's Day, Disneyworld with our friends next Friday and every single day in between. Plus I had to ration and plan my shoes. For the next twelve days, I have only fourteen pairs out. I think I've made progress.

- Actually, I know I'm not making progress. Don't tell my husband.

- Though I did eat cookie dough, so there's that.

- Oh my gosh, I love cookie dough!!!

- My kids are all quietly and calmly watching* Cars 2, so I better go get to work. I am a packing machine!!!

- By "packing machine" I, of course, mean "A person who packs two boxes** and then rewards themselves with cookie dough and some time on Twitter."

I'll be back in a few.

EDIT: They are asleep. That's why they're being so quiet. 

EDIT #2: One box. 


  1. Hooray cookie dough!

    On days I bake, I usually end up not eating anything else because I consume massive amounts of dough. Really gross stuff.

    80% packed is about 80% better than I can imagine myself doing. Congrats .Have more cookie dough.

  2. It's a well known fact that stress burns calories. Which is why, now that it's the end of semester and I have a hundred million assignments due, I'm losing weight despite the fact that I sit on my arse eating chocolate all day. So clearly what you need to do is put the packing off until the ABSOLUTE LAST MINUTE. And then you can have your burrito guilt free!! ;)

    Eating cookie dough sounds like a fabulous idea.

  3. This is something I'm not looking forward to. Packing. My husband and I are buying a house this year and, ugh, this will be the 8th or 9th time I've packed and unpacked a house in the past 9 years. I'm so done with this. Rewarding yourself is the only way to keep the packing machine going.

  4. You are HILARIOUS! bahahahaha And, for the record, cookie dough is the best! Numms. Ok, so why have you been on a diet and can't exercise? Everything ok? And are you moving? Obviously... Oh, and congrats on your hubs graduation. Woot! And you are a shoe addict... you know that, right? haha

    Last but not least, I swear I was following your blog. Now I am. Sorry for the delay, even though I thought I was following. Now my pic is on your sidebar.

  5. I really DISLIKE trying to decide what clothes I'm going to need on a trip. I usually end up buying new clothes instead. Don't tell my husband. =)