Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

So, it's been, like, a bajillion degrees here.

Okay, not really.

But close.

So we've been swimming and using splashpads and doing all kinds of summery stuff here.

I finally taught my oldest to swim. This is a real victory because he is NOT the athletic type, and he is not the kind of kid who thinks, "Oh, hey, scary new thing. I think I'll give that a try!" But he can jump off the diving board and swim all around the pool on his own now. He can do the breaststroke, a kiddie version of the backstroke, a doggie paddle and just a basic underwater-tadpole-type-of-thing. So there's even variety.

My middle child is teaching himself to swim, so that's fun to watch. Today, it was "How long can I hold my breath underwater" tests. He would hold onto the edge of the pool, stick his face in the water and float around with his hands holding onto the edge, but otherwise looking a little... well... dead.

Being outside in this kind of heat is exhausting.

So I don't have a lot of stimulating conversation pieces for you.

But, my skin *has* been drying out in an unprecedented fashion. You know you live in a desert when you put Vaseline on your feet and they still dry out.

Yeah. It's dry.

I've also been working on our curriculum for homeschool this fall, and I am SO EXCITED!!! We're learning about each of the fifty states, doing some unit studies on animals (to coincide with the letters of the alphabet, so the little guys can participate, too) and I've created these great daily math workbooks. All that's left is to line up monthly science topics and some experiments to go with each, and then I get to start putting together my shopping/supplies lists :)

And, lastly, I potty trained my youngest. In one day. Because that's how I roll.


  1. Your heat sounds like mine! We've been trying to go to the pool every day, but it gets so tiring when its so hot :-(

    Also, I'm looking into homeschooling for my kids, do you have any websites you use for ideas and stuff?

  2. I am empathy-sweating on your behalf. Yowza.

  3. Vaseline hand and nail lotion (in the small pink bottle) is the best lotion in the world. It will help your feet immensely.

  4. What is dry heat? Meanwhile, what you are missing in Florida is 1000% humidity. Our humidity has 1000% humidity. It's really cool. (Not really.)

    One day potty training?! I want to be just like you when I grow up.

  5. I taught myself how to swim... and ride a bike, good luck to your middle child!

  6. Ugh. We are going to hit the triple digits tomorrow in Chicagoland, and I'm dreading that. I could never live in a desert. Or Florida, for that matter.

  7. Oh boy. I'm going to Phoenix for a week in July for work. Any advice on clothing to pack in Arizona? Or (more fun) any advice on sites/things to do (near Phoenix...I'm not sure where you are in relation)? I built two days of free time into my schedule for fun. :)

  8. Light, cotton clothing. If you can wear dresses or skirts without pantyhose, I would recommend it. They're much cooler than pants.

    As for fun, it really depends on what you like to do. The Diamonbacks play in an air-conditioned stadium, so you can catch a baseball game in a comfortable setting. There's also a lot of concerts here in the summer, and I can give you recommendations for some good local Mexican restaurants if you're interested. Phoenix is big and spread out, so do you know what side of town you'll be on? You can email if you're not comfortable sharing that on here...

  9. Florida was easier in some ways, but definitely smellier.

  10. Yeah. I don't miss sweating my whole face off. Although it is getting to a point here where it's so hot for so long during the day that the pool is gross. The pool is the same temperature as my body. Which is still fifteen degrees cooler than the air outside, so I guess I should be grateful for small miracles, but... yuck.

    The potty training? Here's how you do it that fast: When the kid asks to go pee in the potty and stays dry for hours and hours on end, you look at your life and say "It's too chaotic to potty train you right now. Let's wait." And you keep saying that for seven months. Then he'll just do it all on his own. #QuestionableParenting

  11. Thanks! I will look into it :)

  12. Yeah. It's getting gross. The pool isn't even cool and refreshing anymore.

  13. Also the PedEgg is weird but definitely gets off the dead dry skin.