Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm sick of it.

I am so sick of hearing women say:

"I started walking two weeks ago, and I've lost eight pounds!"


"I just stopped drinking soda last month, and I've lost twelve pounds!"


"Try this healthy recipe: bacon, cream cheese, and chicken wrapped in Pillsbury crescent rolls. What? Yes, that's how we eat every night. Yes, I've lost nine pounds this year."

This list could go on and on, it really could.

I just am so frickin sick and tired of it.

I'm currently about ten pounds overweight, and I have been for the last FIVE YEARS. Well, when I wasn't pregnant. When I was pregnant, I weighed more, of course.

I eat pretty well. Whole grains, lean proteins, lots of veggies, not a lot of sauces or cheeses. I don't drink soda unless we go out (which we can never afford to do, so I'm not consuming restaurant food, either: double points for that, eh?). I drink four bottles of water every day, I don't eat a bunch of sweets and I am a good snacker (low fat string cheese? whole grain crackers? fruit?).

I work out, somewhere between four and six times a week, and I mean I WORK OUT. I lift weights and do cardio to make a workout that's approximately seventy minutes long. Or I do yoga (if the yoga class turns out to be a little too "light" I'll do a bunch calisthenics on my own afterward). I do the "lazy girl workouts," where I do squats while brushing my teeth, lunges while carrying out the trash or taking down the laundry, and wall-sits while I straighten my hair. Trust me: people who see me in real life see me in after-workout-face often enough to believe me that I'm really doing it.

It doesn't seem to make any difference whatsoever. No change to my body size or shape.

I recently added running to my routine. I get up at 5:30 in the morning to run. Five. Thirty. AM. I run slow, yes, because I've never run for fun before in my life. But I figure slow, short distances are better than nothing.

Too bad I've gained two pounds since I started running. 

And, please, spare me.

I've heard the whole, "You gain weight when you start a new routine." and "You gain weight when you're training hard, but then you drop inches."

Well, I'm not dropping weight or inches and it frickin sucks. I don't really care how mopey or whiny this sounds, I just want the internet to know that I really hate hearing everybody else's success stories, especially when they seem to be doing just a little bit (or a lot) less than I am.

That is all.


  1. Two thoughts. Feel free to completely disregard if you like.

    The first is that if you eat right and are active, chances are you're pretty healthy, despite being "officially" overweight. (And for more on how the "official" numbers are a load of crap, here's a little rant of my own from a year ago:

    The second is that if you truly are concerned, see a doctor. There may be a medical reason why you can't seem to lose weight.

  2. I have to second Charleen's opinion from below. It sounds like you're very healthy, and from the way you eat and the amount you exercise, you should be losing, or at least not gaining. It could be a hormonal imbalance, thyroid issue, etc. Worth it to get checked out anyway. Good luck!

  3. Don't worry I will spare you because I know how annoying it is to try and lose that 10 pounds. Just remember that Muscle weighs more than fat so while you weigh more its because you have super kick-ass muscles to beat up assholy men with. Otherwise, I feel your pain girl.

  4. Yes. There is definitely at on my body, and I don't deny that one bit. I'm not blind, I can see it, but I am definitely strong. I see very fit women struggling to lift forty pounds on a machine that I lift ninety or a hundred on, and I can't help feeling envious, why don't my legs look nicer if they're that strong???

  5. I had my thyroid tested, and I kow that's good. I also have high cholesterol, which is annoying, considering I'm only 29. So now I don't eat eggs. Which sucks, because I loved eggs.

  6. Also, that link doesn't work. I'd like to read it, if you have a chance to repost.

  7. Ah, it's reading my closing parenthesis as part of the URL. Here it is again, sans parenthesis:

  8. Sorry. I was on the iPad, so I couldn't see the text at all. Thanks, I'm going to go read now...

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I've been doing P90X for 6 1/2 weeks now and I've lost a grand total of 2 pounds. Granted, I wasn't eating super healthy initially, and it's really only over the last couple of weeks since I started eating healthy that I've begun to lose the weight, but Coyote Rose is right, muscle does weigh more than fat. And BMI and all that jazz isn't really a great indicator of how "overweight" or "healthy" you are. You might consider going to see a nutritionist, because they'll be able to tell you exactly how much of your body weight is comprised of muscle, fat, and water weight, and may be able to give you some ideas to get rid of those 10 extra pounds or tell you that it's all just muscle and you're crazy strong and you don't need to worry about it. :)

  10. I am now +10 since I started crossfitting, and seriously, I've only broken two bones, and been covered in bruises since I started :)

    It sucks, and when you genuinely work at it, it really sucks. I feel for you, genuinely.

    When I saw you guys at the park I had just come from an appt getting my resting metabolic rate tested, where they confirmed that my "healthy" diet (basically exactly what you have above minus any cheese or grains six days a week) was not even enough to support my body at rest, that I had a fast metabolism and I had been starving myself trying to lose weight for so long that my body is holding on to every ounce. Enter the milkshake, my new best friend. I was told that I had to eat at least 2300 cals a day for a month, anyway I could get it ( and I totally took advantage of the free pass) and now I'm trying to do it "clean" which is a bit harder. I'll let you know if it makes any difference, but if you're working hard and eating light, you could be eating too light.

  11. I hear ya, chica. Grrr! And what I hate is whenever I take the freakin' BMI test, it says I'm overweight. Uh, that can't be at all. Yes, I've got a bit of a tummy but not enough to say that I'm overweight. Freak! And I workout 3 times a week. I try to eat well but just can get rid of the 5 pounds I would love, love, love to shake off. Oh, and BTW, my brother took off almost 60lbs in 12 weeks. Yes, 60 lbs in 12 weeks. Sickening. More power to him totally, tho. Men have it easier to get rid of those extra pounds. Darn them and their great metabolisms. Being a girl sucks.

  12. That is frustrating. I've recently accepted that I will never lose the 10lbs I gained when I stopped working retail. (I stopped the retail thing three years ago). It was a hard pill to swallow because I worked my butt off to lose my weight, and the idea that it may be creeping back on scares the daylights out of me.

    How active are you the rest of the day? I mean, you're spending time at the gym but when you get home are you sitting all day? Maybe if you split up the 70 minutes? Do your running in the morning, go for a walk midday, and then a half hour at the gym in the evening (or whenever you go). Also, maybe try interval training? I feel like I'm in my best shape when I run intervals for 30 minutes a day.