Saturday, September 8, 2012

How did this happen?

So, I am supposed to be writing a talk for tomorrow. (for the non-Mormons among us: I am speaking in church, and I need to write my own mini-sermon, about fifteen minutes long).

Don't judge me, you all write your talks on Saturday, too. 

We are staying at my mother in law's this weekend, just hanging out and visiting.

In order to write my talk, I had my laptop open on the couch.

But, to my two year old, this was apparently an invitation for him to climb all over me. And since I have no will power when it comes to that squishy little face, I had a very hard time prying him off of my face.

Yes. My face. That's his favorite part to cling to.

It's awesome.

So I went into the other room, which is the guest room where hubby and I sleep.

But that room is kinda cold.

So I got under the blankets, with my laptop in front of me.

And that position is just not conducive to focused writing.

So here I am, blogging when I should be focusing on other stuff.

I honestly don't know how this keeps happening.

1 comment:

  1. Luckily for me, I rarely have to write speeches. I definitely would have napped once I got under the blankets!