Saturday, September 15, 2012


Okay, so I know that's not the most professional of blog titles, but I have had the most amazing idea!

Seriously, lightning has struck my brain.

I've been toiling away at this awesome steampunk adaptation of Greek mythology for a while now, and while it is so, so, so much fun, it is a really hard story to write. Mostly because I didn't know anything about Greek mythology when I started.

Or Victorian London.

Or science-y stuff.

So... yeah. Writing-related research has been kind of my life for the last several months (which is difficult, since I'm a homeschooling parent and graduate student, so non-writing-related research is REALLY my life... *sigh*). It's been fun and interesting, and I've fallen a little more in love with the story as I go, but it's slow and tedious work.

But yesterday.

Yesterday, I had a new idea.

It popped into my head while my kids were playing at a playground. I pulled out a notebook and pen and started scribbling. By the time we left the playground, I had six pages of notes for a series (the first three are already in skeleton-plot form).

I got home and started writing.

And writing.

And writing. I skipped meals, stayed up late and have been ignoring my family this morning (don't worry- my husband is home, my kids are not being neglected).

The result?

8,500 words, three plot outlines and the beginnings of a whole world of characters, traditions, everything.

And these books are going to have maps on the inside cover. Because those are the best kind of books.

Have you ever had an idea grab a hold of you like this? Taken over your life? How did you balance it? And, seriously, HOW EXCITED WERE YOU?!?!?!?


  1. CONGRATULATIONS! That is too super awesome. It's the fantasy, right? GO YOU!!!

  2. Oh I am so like that about everything that excites me. I get excited about doing new things in my life. I also get super involved in it. I think it is great you have wrote so much. I have kids and we are always looking for good books :)