Monday, October 1, 2012

You make me feel less crazy

Whenever I have a "What the...???" moment in real life, I go to the source of all information: Twitter.

I ask Twitter, "Hey... uh... is this normal?" and try to get a handle on whether or not I am the crazy one in the situation.

Things I have crowd sourced:

Are leggings pants?

Does the guy have to be taller than the girl in a romantic relationship?

Do you let other people's kids into your bedroom?

Your socks should match your ________.

Is it acceptable to throw YOURSELF a "Welcome Home" party?

Is the pink kid on "Sid the Science Kid" supposed to mentally disabled?

And, I'd like to point out, only ONE of these yielded an unexpected result. As in: I was wrong. Everything else, it turns out you all agree with me, and I am NOT crazy.

At least not when it comes to this stuff.