Monday, October 1, 2012

You make me feel less crazy

Whenever I have a "What the...???" moment in real life, I go to the source of all information: Twitter.

I ask Twitter, "Hey... uh... is this normal?" and try to get a handle on whether or not I am the crazy one in the situation.

Things I have crowd sourced:

Are leggings pants?

Does the guy have to be taller than the girl in a romantic relationship?

Do you let other people's kids into your bedroom?

Your socks should match your ________.

Is it acceptable to throw YOURSELF a "Welcome Home" party?

Is the pink kid on "Sid the Science Kid" supposed to mentally disabled?

And, I'd like to point out, only ONE of these yielded an unexpected result. As in: I was wrong. Everything else, it turns out you all agree with me, and I am NOT crazy.

At least not when it comes to this stuff.


  1. 1) Leggings are not pants. Unless you're in dance class. But then they're still not pants. They're leggings.
    2) Matter of personal preference. For my part...every guy I've quasi or actually dated has been over 6'0"...and I'm 5'2 1/2", so there's that...
    3) That just seems weird.
    4) ...whatever the heck you feel like? Or nothing? I usually just wear white socks.
    5) That seems rather strange.
    6) I have no watched "Sid the Science Kid" so I have no opinion on this subject.

    So no. You're not crazy. But I definitely have moments like this too, where I look at someone doing something and think, "Umm...why is that okay?" Maybe it's just this corner of the blogger world that's retained our sanity and everyone else is crazy. :)

  2. 1. No.
    2. No.
    3. It's never really come up, though to be fair I don't really like other people period in my bedroom.
    4. I already mentioned my total ignorance of current fashion trends on twitter. But for the record, all my socks are white. I guess they match my sneakers.
    5. I wouldn't really call it a Welcome Home party, but if I were on a trip and when I got back just wanted to see the people I'd missed, I would have no qualms about inviting them over or suggesting we go hang out for an evening. Same thing for birthdays. I don't say, "Hey, come to my birthday party." I say, "Hey, it's my birthday, I want to hang out with people."
    6. I assume that's some kids show of which I have zero knowledge.

  3. Melbourne on my MindOctober 1, 2012 at 4:42 PM

    1. Not even a little bit ever.
    2. No, but it boils down to personal preference.
    3. Yes, but I think the fact that I live with my parents impacts on my judgement in this area, because there are CONSTANTLY other people in my bedroom.
    4. Absolutely nothing.
    5. Sure, why the hell not!
    6. I have no idea what this means.

    Out of curiosity, which was the one that yielded an unexpected result?!

  4. #2. I was beta-reading a novel with the main character who DESPERATELY wanted to get married, so she tried online dating (save the eye roll for another time, this book isn't worth the effort). Despite wanting to be married to her soul mate, she was insistent that he be between 6' and 6'4". I thought that was nuts. Who cares how tall somebody is? Does that make them a good person? But then couple days later, I was reading ANOTHER romance story, and the GUY this time was all bent out of shape because the girl was taller than him.

    And I thought, "WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!"

    And neither of these were presenting this as "hey, sometimes you don't know what's good for you, and you focus on the wrong stuff, but then you grow up and get over it."

    No. Both authors were LEGITIMATELY saying that picking your SPOUSE- forever and ever, remember?- based on his/her height is perfectly reasonable.

    And Twitter agreed.

    And my mind was permanently blown.

  5. I think "Hey, I want to hang out" or "Come on over, I haven't seen you in a while" is perfectly okay.


    Creating an event on Facebook, inviting everybody who lives in your area that you are "friends" with and saying, "We will be coming home from vacation this Saturday, and we are throwing a welcome home party!!!" and asking people to bring food, RSVP (while you're still on your vacation, organizing this whole thing from a hotel in the Bahamas) and be in your house when you get home...


  6. I certainly do not think that "leggings are not pants" means "leggings cannot be worn, ever"

    There are plenty of instances in which one is not obligated to wear proper pants (dance class, as you mentioned, the gym, under a dress that covers your butt, small children). .

    And maybe it's because I'm tall-ish that I just disagree with everybody else in the world on #2. I'm 5'8" and love wearing heels, so I just had to get used to being taller than some guys, and I had to get over it. But I just think ruling out the possibility of a relationship with somebody based on something he absolutely cannot control is a little childish.

  7. That is crazy. I can see having a preference, but for it to be a deal breaker? Really?

  8. The height thing baffles me. Actually, I always assumed it was more of an issue for the guy than the girl, if it was for anybody. I'm short, so there aren't many guys out there shorter than me; but it really doesn't make the slightest difference.

    As for that pink kid...I have actually only seen Sid the Science Kid once, but I could not figure out that show. The characters *all* seemed strange to me, not necessarily mentally disabled...but a little like aliens posing as four-year-olds.

  9. I thought the height thing was weird, especially for so many people to think it was a deal breaker. I was definitely in the minority on that, and I'm 5'9", so I dated several guys shorter than me, and my husband is only one inch taller than me, so in heels, I tower over him.

    I love your assessment of Sid the Science Kid! What's super funny about it is the show is actually done with motion capture technology, so it really is capturing the exact motions of four year olds. Just goes to show what awkward kids + cheap versions of technology can do! :)