Thursday, May 2, 2013


So there's this woman I know from Twitter. I will call her Mary. Only because I'm reasonably certain that I don't actually know anybody named Mary, so that makes this an innocuous choice.

Mary and I followed each other for probably two years. Maybe three. Who's counting?

We followed - literally - hundreds of the same people. We talked often. Shared jokes, shared good news and virtual hugs when there was bad news. We were not close friends, but more like good friends. Like, she's the childhood friend of your best friend, type of friends.

One day I saw that she unfollowed me. (I use Manage Flitter to unfollow inactive accounts and such) No big deal. It happens. Maybe it was a mistake, maybe it wasn't, but it was definitely not a big deal. I stayed following her and would occasionally comment on something she tweeted.

She never, ever responded.

When I would comment on a tweet of hers that had somebody else involved, she would respond to the other person and delete my handle - effectively deleting me from the conversation.

She then went on and unfriended me on two other social networks. I took that as the sign that she just didn't want me around, so I unfollowed her on Twitter.

Please believe me: This was not an "I'll show you!" kind of move. It just that if she's in my stream, I'll respond /star/RT/whatever. She obviously doesn't want me doing so, so I just remove her from my stream to stop myself from doing those things.

Every day, she shows up in the "People you should follow" setup in the sidebar of Twitter. #AWKWARD

And I know I need to get over it because it's just twitter, and I know it's not worth being upset about. And I honestly wouldn't categorize myself as "upset," it's just that it's... well... it's WEIRD, right?


  1. I agree. It is just weird. I've been there.-it's hart to explain. You're not upset, it is just odd. Like, WHY?!

  2. What the heck? That is so rude!!! And strange, because what could you have possibly done to make her behave that way? :(

  3. EXACTLY. I'm not mad, I'd just like an explanation. Maybe there's a perfectly justifiable thing. Maybe she found out I'm Mormon and can't associate with me on religious grounds. Maybe she needs to distance herself from everyone who doesn't read YA in order to build her brand. I disagree with the sentiment, but at least it could be a reason.

  4. I REALLY don't think I did anything. I still think she's completely lovely and I have absolutely nothing against her, so it's not like there was a disagreement or anything. :\

  5. what about asking her "Why???!!"

  6. Intentionally KatieJune 2, 2013 at 6:56 PM

    I stumbled across a link to your blog while on Pinterest and noticed that you are (also) a HSing mother of three in Phoenix. It peaked my interest (I'm new-ish to HSing) to come over to look at your blog.

    This exact thing happened to me, but with my immediate next door neighbor. She was a little odd, but I never, NEVER let anyone know my thoughts about that. Except maybe my husband. Suddenly one day, I found another neighbor on FB and realized that the first neighbor wasn't a "common" friend. So I linked back and realized she unfriended me. So weird! And since she's right next door, we awkwardly saw each other often. Not THAT often (we are in Phoenix, after all) but still. Pulling out of the driveway? No eye contact. Getting the mail? Shunned. I have no idea what I did and I am not an overly sensitive person, but I will say that I was baffled for months. Then she moved and I don't get ignored anymore. People are weird, bottom line. It does make you wonder, though! So sorry for the loss of your cyber friend. Maybe someday you'll find out what happened to her...?

    (Just in case you want to peek at me and know that I'm not a psycho who's going to stalk you: ;)

  7. Hey! Nice to meet you :)

    I have no idea what happened with this lady. She's still very active online, just not talking to me anymore. *shrug* It's not really worth worrying about, you know? But it was bugging me, so OF COURSE, I blogged about it. That's what blogs are for, right? ;)

    Anyway. Thanks for letting me know we have so much in common. I followed your blog, and maybe we'll see each other some more around the interwebz.