Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, The Thinks You Can Think!

I'm a sucker for Dr. Seuss, and this book is my absolute favorite. Starting next week, I will be featuring this book on my blog in a new way.

Throughout the book, Dr. Seuss suggests nineteen different "thinks" you can think up: We're going to explore all of them. Short stories exploring Da-Dake and the Rink-Rinker-Fink or what you could do when you meet a Jibboo. Nineteen talented authors, nineteen amazing stories. Some are adorable, some are fantastical, some are creepy. Every single one will be worth your time.

So spread the word, we're using the twitter tag #Thinks, posting a new story every day, starting next Monday, January 27th.

Here's the lineup of super-talented and awesomely adventurous authors:

Darci Cole - January 27th
KK Hendin - January 28th
Heather Truett - January 29th
J. Hewitt - January 30th
Beau M. Barnett - January 31st
Sarah L. Blair - February 1st
Jennifer Welborn - February 2nd
Ryan Dalton - February 3rd
Aaron Greene - February 4th
R. Scott Whitley - February 5th
Christine Tyler - February 6th
Jessica Collins - February 7th
Suzy G - February 8th
Carey Torgesen - February 9th
M. Andrew Patterson - February 10th
Brianna Shum - February 11th
Sarah Anne Hayes - February 12th
Gina Denny - February 13th
Jenny Kaczorowski - February 14th
Katy White - February 15th

Go, follow every single one of them! They'll all be tweeting about their story when their turn comes, and I don't want you to miss one tiny bit of the fun. Make sure you're back here on January 27th for the first story from the fabulous Darci Cole!

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