About Me

My name is Gina. I have no alter-ego, though I think I really ought to change that at some point. I have three boys and an incredible husband. We live in Phoenix and I LOVE it here. I can walk around all day in 118 degrees, but if I see snow, I pretty much go into a fetal position and cry.

I have a Masters degree in Childhood Development and Education, and I really think I should have done that the first time around. My undergraduate work is in Business (after two years as a music performance major- totally useful) and really doesn't help me in my everyday life AT ALL.

I am a music teacher at a local charter school. I teach band, orchestra, and music history to teenagers. They are very, very loud.

I am a writer. I write adult fantasy.

I like books and I like movies. I used to blog about books becoming movies (Fantasy Casting). I prefer fantasy books and action and comedy movies. I have a semi-inappropriate crush on Hugh Jackman and an obsession with Harry Potter.

Got a question? Ask. I'll probably answer it.  


  1. That is so rad homeschooling your kids! And I LOVE fantasy casting hehe, it's always awesome to see how other people view the characters and what they think they'd look like or behave like if they were made into a movie, sometimes movies seriously miss what the general public was imagining lol But I have to say I really loved the casting for 'Memoirs of a Geisha' book to movie it was pretty close :) Harry Potter too, the characters looked similar to what I had imagined, well the main 3 anyways, and Hagrid too :) But I will always love the books more hehe they capture something the movies could not.Thanks for sharing your about me, will defs hang around for a while to check out some of your blog posts :D

  2. I think homeschooling has an undeserved negative reputation. My parents didn't let me do it, but after some of the things I saw/dealt with in middle school and high school, I think people should be more open to it.

  3. Hi gina. Saying hi from the campaign. My sequel is coming out at the end of march. I'd love it if you joined my blog tour. what do you think?
    cindymhogan at yahoo dot com.

  4. Nice to meet you, Gina. I'm a fellow writer, homeschooler, and campaigner. My ff entry is #149.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! You have won the Versatile Blogger Award. :D


  6. I'm a homeschooled kid, so I'm not gonna tell you how you're screwing up your kids. I think my Mom and Dad (stay at home parents with a family business) have done a great job, and I respect people who have the guts to homeschool. It can be a rather daunting task! :)

    I'm enjoying reading your blog! :) I blog over at www.booksquirt.com.

  7. The reason home schooling gets a bad rap is because of the lost social aspect of school. However, as LDS members, we get a lot more social interaction with others outside a school setting then most people. With the way our school system has gone and is continuing to go, I believe I will be home schooling my Daughter. My wife has her masters in Clinical Psychology, but works exclusively with kids as a Military Family Life Couselor for the Air Force. She loves it. I have my degree in Business, but I think you use your business knowledge in everyday life way more than you think.