I will update this section as needed   whenever there's a new question   when I feel like it.

OK, so these aren't FAQs, so much as "Questions pertaining to this blog that I've been asked at least once, and I think you probably ought to know even if you didn't ask."

You've been warned.

Q: What are you writing?
A: I'm currently working on a series of linked novels (not sequential) that tell the stories of classic fairy tale villains from their point of view, justifying their horrendous behaviors.

I also have a steampunk series in the works, but that is proving to be more difficult than originally imagined, as is the science fiction story I cooked up in early 2014.

Q: Why don't you blog like you used to?
A: Ain't nobody got time for that.

No seriously, though. Fantasy Casting was a labor of love, but it was time consuming and thankless and I've moved on. I blog here when I have the time and inclination. If you miss me all that much, come find me on twitter. That's pretty much where I hang out these days.

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