I will update this section as needed   whenever there's a new question   when I feel like it.

OK, so these aren't FAQs, so much as "Questions pertaining to this blog that I've been asked at least once, and I think you probably ought to know even if you didn't ask."

You've been warned.

Q: What are you writing?
A: I'm currently working on a series of linked novels (not sequential) that tell the stories of classic fairy tale villains from their point of view, justifying their horrendous behaviors.

I also have a steampunk series in the works, but that is proving to be more difficult than originally imagined, as is the science fiction story I cooked up in early 2014.

I wrote an LDS romance that I thought was adorable. I was asked to revise it to reflect current missionary ages and policies in the church, and I decided I don't love it anymore. It's complicated. Maybe those characters will find their way into a different story someday. But writing chick-lit-new-adult-romance stuff turned out to not be my thing. Fantasy and Science Fiction is my thing, which should surprise no one, really.

Q:  Do you seriously homeschool?
A: Yes. Yes I do. And I love it, for dozens of reasons. I never thought I would be a homeschooling parent, but now that I'm here, I can't believe I was ever on "the other side."

Q: Wait. Novels, homeschool, parenting, grad school. How do you do it all?
A: I answered that here. I am completely aware that this is a really snotty sounding Q to have on my FAQ page, but it is honestly the most-asked question I get. So, sorry for sounding like a snot. I'm not one. I promise.

Q: Will you critique my work?
A: Maybe. Depending on what kind of critique you want and whether or not your time frame is flexible. I have a LOT going on in my personal-non-writing life (three kids, one of which is autistic, homeschool, grad school, a part time writing job... you know, the usual) and my priority in reading is with people who have read for me in the past. But, yes, I'm always looking to expand my pool of critique partners. Email me if you want, we'll chat.

Q: Why don't you blog like you used to?
A: Ain't nobody got time for that.

No seriously, though. Fantasy Casting was a labor of love, but it was time consuming and thankless and I've moved on. I blog here when I have the time and inclination. If you miss me all that much, come find me on twitter. That's pretty much where I hang out these days.

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