Thursday, July 5, 2012

11 Questions

The lovely Coyote Rose of Dancing on the Bar of Life asked me eleven questions, and I decided to answer them vlog-style.

I've also tagged eleven other bloggers (including, of course, the three other Parenthetical Chicks) and ask them eleven questions of my own.

Here are the bloggers I've tagged:
1- Megan Whitmer of Finding Joy in the Journey
2- Suzanne Gale of The World According to Suz
3- Jen Meyers
4- Eisparklz
5- Kirsti of Melbourne on My Mind
6- Kimba McG
7- Sarah of Shades of Shayes
8- Lor of Late to the Party (and Snark Squad)
9- Jessica of Faith Permeating Life
10- Darci Cole
11-Marieke Nijkamp

And here are my eleven questions:
1- What are your five favorite movies?
2- (since I'm asking all females) Would you rather go without makeup for a year, or without shaving your legs for a year?
3- What book have you read recently that you really loved?
4- What book have you read recently that you really hated?
5- If you had to eat one food for one meal every day for a year, which would you choose?
6- What was the best part of your senior year of high school?
7- What piece of electronic equipment do you think you could easily live without?
8- Do you prefer your beverages through a straw, from a bottle or from another container?
9- Would you rather have glow in the dark skin or squishy teeth?
10- Who would win in a fight between Gandalf and Dumbledore?
11- Do you consider pushup bras to be a form of dishonesty?


  1. Ah ha ha awesome last question ;)

    Loved the vlog! And your facts, oh noes that you broke your nose and hee to watching Grease so many times!

  2. You ate ramen with a paperclip? New Hero Found.

    Also +100 for Queen.

    And you look so super cute on video!

  3. Melbourne on my MindJuly 5, 2012 at 5:07 PM

    Cosign times a million on Queen. One day, when we're in the same place at the same time, we're going to watch Queen live from Wembley Stadium and pretend that we're there. 'Kay??

    Also, I'm really curious what you wore that got the band to change the dress code. Also also? At least people singing to you just makes you uncomfortable. People singing happy birthday makes my sister-in-law cry. So...yeah.

    Eating two minute noodles with a paperclip is amazing, and I kind of want to ask you to make a vlog of you doing that. Although that would mean that you'd have to eat two minute noodles at the age of 29, so maybe not...

  4. This was awesome! She-Ra, Princess of Power. Hahahaha. Man, I miss you. These vlogs are just great.
    Also want to know what changed the dress code. Maybe that deserves its own vlog/post.

  5. Yes, there is much you are willing to do at age sixteen that you wouldn't be caught dead doing when you are nearer to thirty. Eating ramen is one of them. Eating anything with a paper clip instead of proper utensils is another.

  6. Thank you.

    Hells yes.

    And thank you again.

  7. You do have the best facial expressions when you do these!

  8. I never realized how expressive I was until I started vlogging. I move my face a LOT.

  9. Throughout this entire vlog I kept thinking "I love that lip gloss color!"

    ...Your lip gloss is poppin'!

  10. I only just caught up on this. I WILL VLOG TOO. Tomorrow. If I can get my pretty face on.

  11. Can I also just say that the paperclip/ramen thing? LOL FOREVER.

  12. Melanie PenningtonJuly 10, 2012 at 5:49 PM

    Loved your questions, so I stole them. BUT -- gave you full credit and a link. Thanks for the fun : )
    Here's the link:

  13. Why thank you! Cover girl sugar plum.

  14. Vlogging only happens at night, after kids are in bed, on days that I showered and that I put on all my makeup. So... It's rare.

  15. It's an extra special treat. I love your vlogs <3

  16. Dang it. I've been tagged in two. So now the question I write up two separate posts (or make two separate vlogs?) or just do one giant 22 question vlog? Oh, the dilemma!

    And like Kirsti's post of this nature, I shall have to watch your video when I'm at home and not at work. ((sigh))